Styling the salt in your life.


This is my review of the Hazantree Salt Lamps! They have a huge selection, but I picked one lamp that really spoke to me and it's the Himalayan salt lamp - Zen Block!

First off the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp, they are mostly known for purifying the air. As the lamp warms up by the light bulb, the water molecules in the salt goes back into the air and traps all the dust, pollen and everything in between, within the lamp. Basically a natural air purifier. 

Also if you have awful allergies like I do, than the salt lamp could be beneficial. Where I usually have the lamp is on my nightstand, I have noticed that my allergies don’t keep me up as much using the lamp before going to bed. 

The Himalayan salt lamp can help with increasing your energy, mood and constitution. 

Why I love the Zen Block, I mean it looks awesome! With the walnut base to the cut salt gives the lamp contemporary modern twist, one my favorite perks about this lamp is the dimmer! Love love the dimmer! Really brings the mood and the space together. I have the white Zen Block, but it also comes in a rad grey color. 


Please check out the rest of the products from Hazantree, they have such a wonderful selection of handcrafted, natural cut lamps and so much more. 


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Stellar Spaces


@East Dallas_Yogi_Abode 

Our Pick of the week for #Stellarspaces is Cindy! AKA @eastdallas_yogi_abode: with all the epic vibes and coolest styles! 

We have all been seeing amazing spaces and design this past couple of weeks; it’s getting harder and harder every min! This week we picked Cindy for her chill peaceful vibes, with all the dreamy textiles and elements required for a wicked style! Everyone keep on tag sharing and following - we can't wait to see more!

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